Hi! I’m Kristin Edwards, a former kindergarten teacher and current graduate student in School Psychology. 

The Therapeutic Teacher was created to provide early childhood teachers with resources and interventions that are evidence-based, structured, and engaging. As a former teacher, I understand the challenges teachers face and do my best to create resources that will help teachers overcome those barriers. I implement what I have learned as a student in school psychology into my resources so teachers can utilize the most up-to-date, proven to work academic and behavioral interventions. The Therapeutic Teacher is a place for teachers to collaborate with other teachers and school psychologists and learn how to make the best decisions for children in the classroom. 

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Want to learn how to identify and understand the variables that cause students to act inappropriately, get actionable steps to behavior intervention plans, and learn how to teach all kinds of learners? Head over to my blog to catch weekly posts on education and school psychology topics.


Have you ever had a student with such severe behavior problems you didn’t know what to do? Learn about evidence-based intervention strategies through one-on-one online consultation that will help your students succeed in your classroom. 

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Want access to a FREE library full of teaching resources, guides, and interventions to help you move students in the right direction? The resources in this library are not available anywhere else! Did I mention it was FREE?!


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